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Visit the exhibition in english with a museum guide !

Exhibition "The Golden age of the english painting" !

Visit the exhibition in english with a museum guide !

Visit the exhibition in english with a museum guide !

Published at 10 September 2019
75 minutes tour, ONLY IN ENGLISH, Every first saturday of the month. A trained guide presents the exhibition and comments on the works. This tour is designed for an adult audience and is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

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The long reign of George III from 1760 to 1820, stands out in the history of Great Britain as a decisive period of transformation, in society, in the nation’s global status, and within artistic and cultural life. It is in the light of such developments that this exhibition presents the English painting of this period. While referring to the masters of the past and the great schools of painting that had made their mark on the Continent, the painters of this generation were searching for a distinctive British identity. With the creation of artists’ societies and the emergence and development of exhibitions, art came out of the private sphere and into the public domain. On the French model, Britain was endowed in 1768 with an institutional framework: the Royal Academy of Arts. The foundation of this major institution reflects a new aesthetic ambition and a desire among artists to form a “school”. While some artists could count on the few royal commissions, most had to deal with a clientele formed not only of an elite aristocracy, but also new players in commerce and industry.

In the emerging consumer society, artists were confronted with new demands and brought new life to portraiture and landscape painting. We can see the emergence of strong personalities who expressed themselves in an astonishing diversity of styles, who adapted their productions to the evolution of the market and elevated it through theoretical reflection. It is a time of grandeur, the picturesque and the sublime. Through Tate’s masterpieces, this exhibition aims to highlight a key moment in English painting, one which is little represented in French public collections. It opens with the face to face encounter between Reynolds and Gainsborough that inaugurates this golden age.

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